Khaled Agha, A pioneer in the media and advertising industry thanks to his creative thinking and extensive experience in marketing and promotion.

Agha has worked for the biggest regional music labels including Rotana, where he was appointed Marketing Director for Channels and Films between 2005 and 2007. The latter position was a steppingstone that allowed him to build a name for himself and gain strong credibility in the production and marketing of music and movies in the Arab region.

Between 2007 and 2009, he worked with Yallafan, a Digital US-based record label, as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Middle East area.

In 2010, he launched Music Nation, his Entertainment Media platform, content production entity, and Media and Marketing platform, with a full-fledged production studio, and Press Agency, a creative think tank specialized in all marketing initiatives and activities, including marketing and promotional campaigns offline and online, digital content creation and distribution, websites, and mobile applications development, which was quickly able to establish a strong brand name in the market.

Agha has successfully planned a variety of campaigns that run the gamut from marketing to media, public relations, and organizing festivals, events as well as international economic and political conferences in Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain, France, and the United Kingdom.

His strong marketing acumen is based on a widespread PR network as well as extensive media and entertainment experience that goes beyond the MENA region and spreads across Europe through contracts with major international companies such as Disney, EMI, Virgin, and many others.

In addition to being at the forefront of the entertainment and media industries, Agha has considerable experience in producing all kinds of content such as music videos, advertising campaigns, corporate promotion, reportages, documentaries, short films, web shows, video clips, radio programs, screenwriting, and photography.

He has also participated in many international events with Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as well as seminars specializing in digital media. He has been selected to be a board member in several social committees such as the Murex d’Or Awards and he also heads the Ourjouan Lions club.

Being in constant contact with the media, Agha has developed in-depth media training and skill improvement programs for public figures, including personalized coaching, crisis communication, and image consulting.

From 2016 – 2021 Agha worked for many regional economists and led many electoral campaigns.

To complement his extensive experience in the field of marketing and promotion, he established a new UAE company, which is a 360-marketing platform, whose mission is to plan advertising campaigns, produce specialized content, train cadres, and provide digital technology solutions for various businesses.