Laughta and Mohammed AlSahli Team Up for an Explosive Single Al Layla

Laughta and Saudi Pop sensation Mohammed AlSahli join forces in a new electrifying single “Al Layla”, out now. 

Brace yourselves for the ultimate summer anthem as Laughta and Mohammed AlSahli deliver a scintillating collaboration in “Al Layla.” 

In 2017, Alsahli made waves with the release of his debut single, “T3lq Feni,” marking the auspicious beginning of his musical journey. However, it was his groundbreaking hit, “Awsef eh,” unleashed upon the world in 2019, that truly solidified his status as a global sensation. This infectious anthem not only dominated the charts but also claimed the coveted title of the number one song on YouTube Middle East for the entirety of 2020, cementing Alsahli’s reputation as an unparalleled musical phenomenon.

This track, poised to be a summer hit in the region, is the result of a fruitful partnership between Laughta, BBC Introducing award winning Lebanese rapper, and Mohammed AlSahli, a powerhouse in the Saudi music scene.  Laughta‘s previous successes with hits like “Ain’t the Same,” “Rooh,” and “Belail” have cemented her status as a rising star in the UK rap scene. Laughta, a Lebanese-Arab artist, raised in London brings a distinctive fusion to the UK rap scene, blending her heritage with her bold lyricism and infectious energy. With an undeniable star power and a unique style shaped by her multi-cultural background—her distinctive fusion of cultural influences forms the bedrock of her artistry,  capturing attention across the industry. This was underscored by her receipt of the prestigious BBC Introducing ‘One to Watch’ accolade at the 2023 AIM Independent Music Awards in London. 

Produced by the renowned Lebanese super producer Sleiman Damien and impeccably mixed and mastered by him, “Al Layla” exudes a magnetic energy that is impossible to resist. From its infectious beats to its irresistible hooks, this track is set to dominate the airwaves and ignite dance floors across the region.

Filmed against the backdrop at the Saudi Music Hub recording studio and BeastHouse, the music video for “Al Layla” captures the essence of the track, transporting viewers into a world of mesmerizing visuals and infectious beats.  Director Mujahed Al Ahdab of Millimeter Productions, delivers the accompanying music video captures the essence of the track, adding visual depth to its already captivating sound.

Individually, Laughta and Mohammed AlSahli shine brightly, but together, they are an unstoppable force. Their undeniable chemistry and collective talent make “Al Layla” a must-listen for music lovers everywhere. While Mohammed Al Sahli‘s cult-like following and millions of YouTube views speak volumes about his influence in the region.

The excitement doesn’t end there. Following the release of “Al Layla,” fans can look forward to an array of post-release content, including acoustic and acapella renditions from Mohammed AlSahli himself, as well as exclusive behind the scenes content in the studio with Laughta on the buttons, offering a unique perspective on the duo’s collaboration’s creative process.