Audiences from Saudi Arabia and beyond are gearing up for a sporting spectacle unlike any other ahead of the AlUla Camel Cup, the world’s most prestigious camel racing event, which returns to the ancient oasis from 24-27 April.

Organised by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) in collaboration with the Saudi Camel Racing Federation (SCRF), the AlUla Camel Cup is back with a series of adrenaline-fuelled races whilst presenting an exhilarating fusion of sport, culture, and entertainment.

The success of last year’s inaugural edition saw the AlUla Camel Cup emerge as the pinnacle of camel racing, attracting 2,550 visitors. This time around, attendees are assured of an event even more special and momentous. With 2024 inaugurated as the ‘Year of the Camel’ to celebrate their cultural significance, enduring community connection, and esteemed status in Saudi society, this year’s tournament will honour this legacy – serving as a unique sporting celebration accessible to all.

Ziad AlSuhaibini, Chief Sports Officer, RCU, said: “The AlUla Camel Cup stands proudly as the pinnacle of camel racing and has assumed a starring role in elevating AlUla’s regional and global standing as a premier heritage sports destination. As we start the countdown to this year’s highly anticipated second edition, we are excited to present another exceptional event where sporting excellence, cultural heritage, and audience engagement converge. Aligning perfectly with our sports sector strategy at RCU, this same formula will ensure another incredible sporting spectacle which not only shows our country’s rich and storied heritage to the world, but also lays new foundations for growth and development in the years ahead.”

In line with AlUla’s sporting ambition and its deep pride and respect for heritage sports, the AlUla Camel Cup will illustrate the seamless intertwining of heritage and future growth – blending AlUla’s deep-rooted traditions with modernity to promote camel racing, enrich the nation, and shape a promising future.

Live from AlUla’s Mughayra Heritage Sports Village, the AlUla Camel Cup presents a four-day event for visitors to experience and enjoy. The region’s fastest camels and most talented riders are set to feature in several rounds of elite competition with enduring legacy, substantial prize pots, and exquisitely designed AlUla Camel Cup champion trophies up for grabs.

Alongside an exciting programme of cultural moments and entertainment offerings, the event will honour the rich tradition of camel racing in the Kingdom and wider region throughout its run – showcasing this cherished homegrown heritage sport to local and international audiences.

Rami Almoallim, Vice President, Destination Marketing & Management Office, RCU, added: “The return of the AlUla Camel Cup is news certain to be welcomed enthusiastically by communities across the Kingdom, not least because camel racing is an ancient heritage sport woven into the fabric of our culture and traditions. Last year’s fabulous first edition was a perfect example that camel racing today remains an enduring thread connecting the past to the present and present. And this time around, this rich history will be embraced once again with an event which mirrors the essence of our people, their passions, and their memories whilst showcasing the timeless significance of camels in our society.

With origins dating back to the 7th century, camel racing is a significant facet of cultural heritage, underscoring the timeless relevance of camels to the local community. Against the stunning heritage sites of AlUla, the AlUla Camel Cup stands not only as a thrilling spectacle but also as a homage to the camel’s integral role in AlUla’s storied past.

A hallmark event of the AlUla Moments calendar, the AlUla Camel Cup also plays a crucial role in upholding AlUla’s esteemed status as a luxury heritage boutique destination. This prestigious event is a testament to AlUla’s unwavering commitment to cultural preservation, ensuring that the rich tapestry of its heritage remains vibrant and relevant for future generations.

By revitalising its cultural landscape through such events, AlUla cements its position as a unique destination where the legacy of the past and the innovation of the future converge, offering a model for the seamless integration of heritage and modernity.

In-depth details of each day at the AlUla Camel Cup, including the race schedule and activities surrounding the event, will be announced in due course.