Abu Dhabi Media Network Unveils Web-Based Content Acquisition System

Abu Dhabi Media Network (ADMN), the UAE’s leading public service broadcaster and media company, announced the launch of its new web-based Content Acquisition System devised to automate the content acquisition process and enhance the workflow thereof. The new web-based system, will allow production companies and content creators to submit their proposals.

The initiative comes in line with ADMN’s new vision and strategy, which focuses on key public service pillars aimed at elevating the public media landscape. With this vision, the network aims to bolster its leading position, as well as the presence of its media platforms, in the content creation industry, along with employing state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, in line with the highest global standards that enhances corporate operations.

The new system will streamline and standardize submission of content proposals and will hence prompt improved and expedited communication between ADMN and content providers. It boasts integrated features that standardize and facilitate this entire process of submitting proposals, including self-registration, profile management, updating the production status, content delivery, track contracting process, and direct communication with the relevant teams across the network.

Launching the new Content Acquisition System reinforces ADMN’s existing advanced digital ecosystem, which adheres to the network’s highest standards. Additionally, it serves as a valuable addition to the world-class digital infrastructure continuously developed by the Network to keep pace with the accelerating digital transformation across the media sector at the local, regional, and global levels.

The new system will enhance Abu Dhabi Media Network’s relationships with its stakeholders and suppliers. It also support ADMN’s objectives in terms of delivering impactful media content which aims to serve the aspirations of all segments of society in the UAE and the Arab world.

The recent transformation of Abu Dhabi Media Network aims to accelerate the development of a national media ecosystem, in line with strategic national interests, and keep pace with the rapid development of the global media sector. It focuses on effective engagement with local, regional, and international audiences by creating diverse media content that reflects the values and heritage of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. As part of this, ADMN will employ state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, in line with the highest global standards, delivering diverse educational, informative, and entertainment programming for various age groups, as well as media content and news programming for non-Arabic speakers.