Hares Studios and ATL Join Forces to Debut their First TV Series Transit

“Hares Studios and ATL, a Zee Network Enterprise, Join Forces to Debut their First Joint Arab Production: The TV Series ‘Transit’.

Entirely produced and filmed in UAE, ‘Transit’ reflects the essence of life in Dubai by the lens of Director ‘Bassem Salka’
In a groundbreaking collaboration, Hares Studios and ATL – A Zee Network Enterprise proudly present their first co-production, “Transit,” a captivating Pan-Arab series that marks the debut production of Hares Studios. The series, a first of its kind, was entirely produced in the UAE, showcasing the region’s immense creative potential.

Inspired by the famous Zee series “Chupke Chupke,” “Transit” was adapted by Syrian writer Lujain Khalaf and directed by Bassem Salka. The series stars Nadine Tahseen Beik, Haval Hamdi, Jihad Saad, Nadine Khoury, Badih Abou Chakra, Jalal Shamoot, Nazli Rawas, Nora Rahaal, and Moayad Al-Kharat, alongside actors from Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, and the UAE due to Dubai’s geographical significance, which attracts people from various nationalities worldwide.

The series follows the journey of a couple who embark on a journey, only to encounter unexpected events along the way. It offers a captivating blend of romance, drama, and human experiences intertwined with a mysterious murder that unfolds throughout the story. In a statement, director Basem Salka said, ‘The series dives into the bustling city of Dubai, where love and relationships break free from social norms, shaped by circumstances and emotions of individuals, as they interact with their surroundings.

“Transit” was shot using advanced technology cameras, meticulously selected locations that reflect the pace of modern life in Dubai. This series serves as a testament to Hares Studios and ATL’s commitment to delivering top-notch productions that captivate audiences worldwide. Manoj Abraham Mathew, EVP and Territory Head of Zee Entertainment, “This is our 7th production of Arabic originals, and we have a slate of 5 productions on the floor with another one with Hares Studios signed. Also, as an Executive Producer of this series, it is a matter of pride that we could do our entire filming in UAE, with majority of the locations being in Dubai. Ammar very successfully assembled a stellar cast and crew. This country and region have exceptional creative talent and at Zee we would love to continue to nurture and invest in this.”

Ammar Hares, CEO of Hares Studios, expresses his enthusiasm for the project, stating “We are thrilled to present ‘Transit,’ our debut production at Hares Studios, and we are incredibly proud to partner with ATL for this endeavor. This marks a significant milestone for us as we venture into productions and redefine entertainment with powerful storytelling from the Arab region.”

Hares Studios, founded in 2022, aims to be a leading entertainment company with a global vision, sharing captivating stories from the Arab region and attracting audiences from all over the world while highlighting the richness of Middle Eastern cultures, traditions, and artistic works.