#TikTokContentForum Offers a Glimpse into the Future of Content Innovation

The TikTok MENA #TikTokContentForum, held on June 8th at the TikTok Lounge in Studio City, Dubai, provided an electrifying peek into the future of entertainment creation and consumption. The event brought together digital creators, partners, and media to reveal how TikTok is reshaping the entertainment landscape and driving industry innovation in the MENA region.


With over 1 billion active users on the platform each month, TikTok is the ultimate entertainment hotspot, transforming how we connect and interact. It’s where brands, creators and fans come together to build an electrifying culture and community that sparks innovation and fuels conversations.

At the content forum, attendees discovered how TikTok is the one-stop place to discover the latest movies, film festivals, awards events, cartoons, anime, podcasts, celebrity and entertainment news. The app’s innovative features such as #WhatToWatch, Ramadan activations, Oscars and Cannes content, casting shows such as #ALister, and BTS content have revolutionized the entertainment scene.

Attendees learned how to grow organically on TikTok using its tools and resources, including the green screen feature, live streaming, programmed efforts and search capabilities – all while in tune with the platform’s Community Guidelines. From expert-led workshops to hands-on demonstrations, attendees gained valuable insights into maximizing their reach and impact on the platform. On TikTok, just showing up is half the fun, and the platform’s uplifting, supportive nature enables users to express themselves openly and creatively.

A highlight of the event was the captivating panel discussions that explored the art of building engaged communities on TikTok. Experts and influencers shared their experiences and strategies for creating an entertainment ecosystem through co-creation and catering to the diverse audience in the MENA region. These discussions illuminated how TikTok is driving the culture of the entertainment industry while fostering a sense of community that embraces and celebrates diversity.

Kinda Ibrahim, Regional General Manager of Operations and Marketing, TikTok, said: “The TikTok MENA #TikTokContentForum was an exhilarating journey into the future of entertainment. Our platform has become a melting pot of creativity, innovation and connection and a gateway to redefining what entertainment means in the digital age. Attendees gained valuable insights into leveraging TikTok’s tools and resources to build engaged communities while also celebrating its sheer diversity.”

The TikTok community thrives on content discovery, co-creation and sharing, deepening the emotional impact of entertainment. According to a 2022 report by research firm GoodQues, 52% of TikTok users discovered new actors, movies or shows on the platform, while 69% extended their viewing experience by watching co-created content related to their favorite shows or movies. And let’s not forget the #ForYou playlist that has catapulted tracks to the top of the charts, with notable ones being Beggin’ by Maneskin and most recently, the catchy Cupid by South Korean girl group Fifty Fifty.

TikTok is undoubtedly a dominant force in the world of entertainment. The platform’s #WhatToWatch campaign has garnered a staggering 2.6 billion views in the MENA region since its launch, highlighting TikTok’s ability to offer and captivate users with a diverse range of content. Its focus on cultural events such as #Ramadan2023, which amassed an incredible 10.5 billion views, highlights its ability to tap into global celebrations.

High-profile event-led hashtags like #Oscars2023 and #Cannes2023 generated 61 million views and 65.7 million views in the MENA region alone. The #TikTokShortFilm global competition, with 60 million views from MENA, and the immensely popular #ALister campaign, accumulating over 508 million regional views, established the platform as the go-to destination for entertainment and cultural moments.

The #TikTokContentForum also featured interactive stations and booths focused on content, resources, effects and music. TikTok partners connected with each other in a fun, gamified way at the Speed Connect Corner. Attendees had a chill watch party, complete with popcorn and bean bags, at the #WhatToWatch experience. At the Live Corner and Effect Corner, attendees were guided through step-by-step tutorials on doing livestreams on the platform and creating TikTok effects. TikTok specialists on hand engaged with attendees and answered questions, offering a fun and informative experience for all.

The excitement didn’t end there, as the Lifestyle & Education content forum, held on June 9th, delved even deeper into the world of TikTok, revealing how the platform is redefining the way we utilize digital platforms and shaping the future of education and lifestyle content.