P&G IMEA Fabric Care attracts global suppliers to discuss innovation, resilience, sustainability, and joint value creation

Procter & Gamble IMEA Fabric Care, home for leading brands such as Tide, Ariel & Downy, welcomed more than 100 international executives at “P&G’s IMEA Fabric Care Supplier Summit”, an exclusive supplier event in Dubai, to discuss innovative solutions for rising trends in the regional consumers’ landscape.

The summit, which was attended by suppliers like Galaxy, Albatha, Nasrpac & Firmenich among others, combined P&G’s expertise and insights with those of its partners to facilitate a discussion on innovative sourcing strategies and supplier-led creative solutions for the ever-changing requirements of consumers and global issues such as climate change, and economic and supply chain resilience.

Uluc Ayik, Senior Vice President of India, Middle East, and Africa Fabric Care organization at P&G, said: “We are committed to enhancing our partnerships with regional and global suppliers to bring superior products to consumers and elevate their experience while integrating sustainability across the value chain from products to packaging.”

He added: “Through this event, we intend to expand our engagement with our business partners to enhance our agility to meet changing consumer needs in a vast and diverse region. By fostering a flexible, resilient, and environmentally conscious supply chain ecosystem, we aim to continue our long-term, sustainable growth in the region.”

As an example of emerging consumer needs, a recent Ariel survey in the UAE revealed that 83% of respondents were aware of their environmental footprint and the impact their purchasing choices have on the planet.

IMEA Fabric Care, known for its sustainable innovations like Nano Pods, Pods and Downy Concentrate All in One, concluded this event in line with the company’s Ambition 2030: to be carbon neutral for the decade, to utilize 100% recyclable or reusable packaging, and to reduce virgin plastic use by 50%. The summit delivered an array of sustainable packaging solutions, alternative ingredients, and strong value creation to bring more sustainable superior products to life.

Carlo Sinigaglia, CEO of Albatha Home & Personal Care, a participating supplier, said: “It was a pleasure to discuss our solutions for joint value creation to increase innovation, resilience, and sustainability. We are pleased to engage with P&G and contribute to an innovative supply chain that delights and serves consumers around the region every day. We are collaborating to create a more positive impact for our planet through focused efforts across manufacturing, packaging, ingredients that make better products and aid customer satisfaction.”

Valued at $28 billion, the global Fabric & Home Care segment represents one of P&G’s largest sectors with a focused portfolio of daily-use products providing cleaning, health and hygiene benefits and a superior value to customers.