JJ Thompson’s Podcast Now Joins Hands with Dan Bolton’s Echo

Podcast Now announces a partnership with Echo, piquing interests of podcast junkies, creative individuals, performers, and expressionists across the industry. Podcast Now, founded by JJ Thompson, is a 360-degree solutions provider that allows thoughts and premises to translate into published podcasts. Similarly, Dan Bolton, founder of Dan Bolton Creative Management Agency, is launching a new venture by the name of Echo, more about which is to be discovered in the days to come.

Founded in 2021, Podcast Now is a podcast production company that comes to the aid of aspirational podcasters. It provides its clients with a space to express their views, thoughts, and ideas to communicate with audiences on a deeper, more personal level. By providing 360 turnkey solutions to podcast creation, they promote the art of authentic and captivating storytelling.

Popularly described as the future of media in the Arab world, the podcasting sector has rapidly evolved in the last few years. With the addition of video to podcasting, these intellectually and creatively stimulating content modules have seen a rampant growth in audience. There are estimated to be more than 10 million podcast listeners in the Middle East and North Africa region, who listen to an average of five to seven hours of podcasts a week. The biggest markets are in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE, but other countries in the region are following suit.

Podcast Now is here to capitalise on these statistics and will be partnering with Dan Bolton’s new venture, Echo. Dan Bolton is the owner and director of Dan Bolton’s Creative Management Agency and a member of the British Business Group Dubai and Northern Emirates. Dan is an artist director and creative producer with over 21 years of experience and an extensive global network in the live entertainment and performance industry. A seasoned professional in artist management, choreography, and conceptualising live performances, he has worked alongside several global brands and clients to create unique and compelling performances.

Commenting on the upcoming collaboration, Dan Bolton said, “I am very excited for the upcoming partnership with Podcast Now. JJ has been one of my favourite presenters since his time on Channel 4, we have many creative pursuits in common, and both feel passionately about the future of content creation. Podcast Now has been partnering with some of the most talented voices in the region, and I’m very excited to see how this partnership helps them grow further. I have been involved in every facet of media production for years, and with podcasts being the new public favourite, we felt it is imperative to explore the potential there. I am looking forward to being part of the space and working closely with such a talented individual as JJ.”

Dan Bolton’s Creative Management Agency (DBCMA) is a UAE based collective that specialises in creative performances, production, castings, artist management, and event design. Known for creating impactful and unique experiences, the creative management agency provides world-class talent for everything from daily and ongoing entertainment programmes to exclusive shows. Previously involved in orchestrating sensational talent for big events such as Dubai Expo 2020, DBCMA is a step ahead of its time and its competitors in terms of their capabilities and portfolio.

With Podcast Now coming on board, all eyes are on Dan Bolton to see what’s in store for his new venture Echo, and what part JJ Thompson’s involvement will play. Watch this space as big things are still to come from this duo of creative talents and Dubai is in for even more brilliant creativity from the pair that don’t ever follow the norm or stop at the ordinary.