Anghami, the leading music and entertainment streaming platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), is behind another regional first, having joined forces with state-of-the-art generative music platform Mubert to deliver truly bespoke songs for the region’s football fans through Artificial intelligence.

Mubert allows users to create high-quality unique soundtracks for a variety of uses such as social media, presentations or films. Mubert takes samples written by musicians and sound designers, and with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), arranges them into finished tracks on request.

Now, Mubert’s technology is being combined with Anghami’s user data and algorithms to create thousands of unique musical football ‘cheers’ to help the region celebrate the sport’s biggest event, in a fun, engaging and entertaining way.

Mohammed Ogaily, VP Product at Anghami, says: “At Anghami, we pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the technology curve. Our growing audience across the region includes a massive amount of football fans. This, coupled with the fact that such a significant football event is being hosted in the region for the very first time, presented a great opportunity for us to try something new – to combine music, technology, and football.”

The result is an incredible AI-driven in-app activation – exclusively available now across the GCC, where users pick the country they’re cheering for and Anghami’s technology then generates a unique song just for them, hosted on the popular platform.

“We have generated over 170K songs, based on three sets of lyrics, three talents, and 2,000 tracks generated by AI. We match each user with a cheer for their favorite team and ensure the song fits their music taste, based on our user data,” adds Ogaily.

This project is remarkable, as this is the first time any company has generated such a volume of high-quality bespoke songs, employing AI and machine learning. Soon, Anghami will be the first platform to host over 200K songs generated by AI.

Working closely with Mubert, the next-gen music platform, Anghami combines Mubert with its own powerful AI to generate tracks that understand the users’ taste in music, delivering unique songs that match their taste – and support their chosen football team.

“We compliment the AI that generates the songs with our machine learning algorithms to match users with the closest genre, based on what music we know our fans listen to,” adds Ogaily.

Paul Zgordan, Head of Music and Mubert Co-founder, adds: “Generating tracks with vocals is something we have been thinking about for a long time. Voice adds liveliness to any composition and increases listeners’ interest. However, with a generative approach, there are several difficulties. The vocals should fit into the groove and harmony, regardless of the genre chosen by the listener.

So, when Anghami asked us to make a song-generation engine, we immediately agreed. This is a great opportunity to test our hypotheses and entertain fans from all over the world. Different genres are like different countries and cultures, but they are united by voice — a representation of the universal love for sports.”