Arab Achievements in the new Guinness World Records 2023 Book Revealed

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS (GWR), the global authority on record-breaking achievements, announces that GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2023 (GWR2023) is available in stores and online across the Arab World and globally today.

The new 2023 edition reveals the latest and greatest Guinness World Records achievements on Earth and in Space, with brand new photography and graphics, plus special features to bring this year’s astonishing records to life.

Around 50 records from the Arab World have been featured in the new edition that is now distributed in 1.8m copies worldwide. In fact, this is enough printed to blanket 18 football pitches or 11 Trafalgar Squares.

Guinness World Records™ said over 40,000 applicants worldwide submitted their achievements this past year as they showcased their epic talents.

Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief, celebrates his 20th Anniversary with Guinness World Records this year, making this 2023 Edition his 21st book as Editor in Chief! He said “We’ve sifted through nearly 40,000 record applications over the past year to bring you Guinness World Records 2023. People from all walks of life continue to be fascinated by extremes, and we’ve received claims from across the planet – indeed, even from space! This is why I’ve said the new edition is ‘Out of this World!’

Guinness World Records is making record breaking accessible to everyone, working with specialists to embrace the new Impairment Initiative by creating a range of categories for people with impairments. Dareen Barbar, a Lebanese athlete who lost her leg at the age of 15, is featured in the book for achieving the Longest Samson’s chair/static wall sit (female) – LA1.

Saudi Arabia is flexing its muscles with a set of extraordinary achievements including the Largest LED Structure and Brightest Suspended Ornament by Noor Riyadh Festival, the Largest Lego brick formula 1 car by Saudi Arabia Motor Federation, the Most LED Lights in a display by MDLBEAST, the Most simultaneous pepper’s ghost illusions of a person by Riyadh Season and General Entertainment Authority featuring pan Arab celebrity singer Mohammed Abdo, the Largest Mirrored Building for Maraya by The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), the Largest Clock Face by Makkah Clock Tower, the Tallest Lighthouse by Jeddah Port Control Tower, and the Largest Geodesic Dome by Jeddah Superdome.

From the UAE, the new Book covers a number of humanitarian record-breaking initiatives such as the Longest live-stream (video) by The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and pan Arab influencer Hassan Suleiman (AboFlah), the Largest donation for a patient’s medical treatment by Emirates Red Crescent, and the Most awareness ribbons made in one hour (team) by Emirates Oncology Society.

Other records from the UAE in the Book includes the First 3D-printed laboratory by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), the Largest synchronised car dance by Sony PlayStation Middle East, the Most contributions to a colour by numbers by Farah Experiences for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the Largest inflatable aqua park by Aqua Fun, the Tallest Building for Burj Khalifa, the Longest zip wire by RAK Tourism Authority for Toro Verde, the Deepest swimming pool for diving by Deep Dive Dubai, and the Tallest Hotel by Gevora Hotel.

From Egypt, Mohamed Shehata​achieved the Widest arm span on a living person (male) and the Widest hand span on a living person (male), Mahmoud Ayoub was featured for one of his 30+ records for the Most finger tips push ups (one arm) in one minute, Al Ahly Sporting Club for the Most wins of the CAF Champions League, and the Heaviest chandelier by Asfour Crystal International S.A.E. which is found in the Masjid Misr mosque at the New Administrative Capital.

Achievements from Iraq included in the new Book are three, and they are the Largest pin-and-thread art by Saeed Howidi, and the Most eggs balanced on the back of hand (18 eggs) and Tallest stack of M&M’s by Ibrahim Sadeq.

Jordan was featured for the Heaviest Powerlift (para sports) by Abdelkareem Khatab, while Kuwait was featured for the Longest indoor slide achieved by LOOPZ, and the Youngest person to climb the Seven Volcanic Summits (male) by Yousef Al Refaie.

Lebanon was featured for the above-mentioned Dareen Barbar achievement, while Morocco was feature for Ayoub Taoube’s title for the Most single leg backward somersaults in 30 seconds.

Qatar’s achievements mentioned in the Book are the Fastest crossing of Qatar by wheelchair by Ahmed Al Shahrani, the Tallest indoor rollercoaster by Doha Oasis Quest for its EpiQ, and the Most nationalities in a yoga lesson for Embassy of India.

From Algeria, the International fair of Algeriers created the Largest Bowl of Couscous, and the Djamaa el Djazair achieved the record the Tallest Minaret. In Bahrain, Adam Saeed​achieved the record for the Most countries identified by their outline.

The only Syrian achievement in the book was for the Most knuckle push ups carry 40-lb pack in 3 mins by Mohhamad Feido, while in Sudan, Ramdan Rahma broke a record in the Impairment Classification records for the Most Penalty Kicks in 1 hour (LA1).

The new edition includes 10 fact-packed chapters:

1. Introduction – Missions, Editors letter, GWR Impairment Initiative, GWR Day!
2. Space – Discover tech innovators and pioneering space tourists to the latest planetary landers and the new James Webb Space Telescope – the largest of its kind
3. Life on Earth – Mega Mammals, Bizarre Beasts, Animal Heroes and more
4. Human Body – Tallest, shortest, hairiest, largest gape
5. Extraordinary Exploits – Jugglers, rock climbers, fitness fanatics and mermaids!
6. Around the World in 300 records – To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, we dedicate a chapter to a whistlestop tour of our planet, allowing our readers to explore the world from their living rooms!
7. Epic Engineering – Bridges, Tallest Buildings, Trains
8. Entertainment – Visual and SFX, 100 years of Disney, Pop Music
9. Modern World
10. Sports

The 2023 edition also includes special features to help bring the records to life:
• Snapshot – 3D artists take a visual approach to storytelling, using comparisons from famous locations around the world to reveal just how epic some record breakers truly are
• Top 25 Gaming Records – From the most critically acclaimed and best-selling games to the longest marathons and richest esports stars, we run through the 25 most significant videogame records in our archive, encompassing classics such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong right up to Minecraft and Fortnite