Anghami invites up-and-coming artists to learn how to grow their talent and develop industry skills

 Anghami Inc. (“Anghami”) (NASDAQ: ANGH), the leading music and entertainment streaming platform in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region, underlined its brand promise to inspire upcoming local artists with its first Artist Meetup event in Beirut recently.

Organized by Anghami’s Artist & Creator Experiences (ACE) team at the company’s Beirut offices, the meetup was attended by more than 70 up-and-coming artists The event presented a chance for the region’s most trusted music and entertainment streaming platform to announce some sneak peeks into its upcoming projects, including an exciting new rising artist program “SAWT JDEED”, launching in January 2023. It provided them with insights on Anghami for Creators and gave them tips and tricks to help grow their artist journey. Furthermore, the team gave the attendees an exclusive sneak peek at Anghami’s new ‘Artist Playbook’.

The event also allowed artists from the region to share their feedback and experiences, they got a chance to meet each other and network, all while discussing the potential for future artistic collaborations.

Event Organizer and Anghami’s Content Operations Manager, Salam Kmeid, comments: “As the leading audio platform in the region, our mission is to offer local and global creators the space they need to unleash their full potential and connect with their fans from all over the world. Our goal from the meetup is to be closer to the artist community in Lebanon, which is unique in its art, sound and diversity.”

Praising the success of the event, the young artist, Ss.hh.a.n.a, said: “It was such an honor to be amongst all of these talented artist” she continued, “I’d like to thank Anghami for bringing so many artists from the MENA region together to celebrate what we all have in common: the passion and love for music”. Ghady (ghdy) added: “It was extremely helpful and fun and Anghami made sure we knew that they were ready to support us. We were also able to connect with artists who are just like us” and Nour Yammouni (YAM) said: “Anghami is by the artists, for the artists! And that’s what we need!”.

Artists also heard from guest speakers on a virtual panel: Anthony from Adonis, who joined the event in person, Big Hass, radio host and hip-hop blogger, Rami Zeidan, General Manager of Vibe Music Arabia, and Zan Nakari, a music industry expert.

Big Hass says: “As an artist, your art can impact the world. So, it’s a big deal. Focus on your journey and try to craft your own lane. Collaborate with artists you value, so we all rise up together. We all are students of this game, and as long as you have that mentality and persistence, you will be able to pursue your dream, you just have to show the world that you are hungry for it. So come on, show us that hunger!”

Rami Zeidan added: “Creativity is an expressive talent, a journey of self-discovery and connection with a growing audience. The label model has changed nowadays it shifted to mentorship, partnership, mutual trust, and patience. Our advice is find your sound, build your audience and when it’s time to be signed, it will be time to take things to the next level, faster.”

Eddy Maroun, Co-Founder and CEO of Anghami, concludes: “Without talented artists, there would be no Anghami. Our growing group of loyal subscribers are hungry for new music, and we are committed to helping discover and support new talent. It’s gratifying to see so much local talent in one room – and the artists found the meetup extremely insightful.”

Anghami continues to enhance its platform, as part of its commitment to providing an unparalleled user experience, driven by technology, to maintain and bolster its position as the leading music and entertainment streaming platform in the region.